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  At first, he walked on in a Hongkong studio, unknown.

  Since childhood in the troupe to learn a good effort, and diligent, a few years later, he did the actor, martial arts, gradually emerge.

  So every day he dreams of a movie star.

  There is a movie. In the story, he starred in the leading role by three women at the same time. Who plays the heroine is a popular actress. Women feel the same small fry play of dignity, is unsatisfactory, bones look down on him.

  One day, the actress was in his face, the screenwriter said; "the big nose, small eyes, who would like him?"

  This is where sarcasm is a personal attack.

  Tears in his eyes, but also have strong smile to her bow, his heart was deeply hurt, feel inferior. Indeed, his head is not high, the appearance is not handsome enough. I really can not do it, that time, he almost wanted to give up the cause of the film.

  Another time. He wants to find heroes for them to write the script. Heroes in Hongkong famous martial arts writer, temporarily, like to drink.

  Through matchmaking, not easy to eat. During the meeting, as the table sincerity, he frequently toast, drank dead drunk, ran to Restroom almost spit out the intestines. In order to play, this is not what to eat bitterness, his face back wash, reverent and respectful sitting there waiting for the heroes of the answer. Which know after the heroes just dropped a word, the head also dont go back: "my script was written for the handsome boy."

  Is worthy of heroes, sarcastic words can speak so subtle clever. If he could have foreseen the future, he would have taken two of his own.

  This time, the heroes sarcastic ridicule sarcasm, not only did not let him feel inferior, but aroused him endless fight. He secretly vowed: the more you look down on me, the more I have to work hard, must be done to you, must let you regret for their own words.

  One thing that happened was enough to prove that he did it, and did it very well.

  At that time, he was invited to attend an awards ceremony, many of the Hollywood movie stars gathered here. Some of his lack of confidence, I didn't see the familiar, but rules to stand aside. Unexpectedly, the big movie stars have taken the initiative to line up and shake hands with him. He see light suddenly: "Oh, I am a big star."

  This is the case with the husband!

  For 42 years, he worked hard, more than and 80 movies, injured 29 times, but never get down. He has two hundred and ninety million fans in the world, is the only fingerprints, nose prints in Hollywood Walk of Fame on the Chinese actor. Maybe someone knows who he is. He's Jackie Chan. Big name. In this world, I am afraid that many people who are qualified to laugh at him.

  There is a person who has only two things to do in life. When you are successful, he is jealous of you. What is a little ridicule? What is not, the right to spur.

  There is an insignificant beginning of any great man and cause, perhaps we are small, perhaps we are naive, maybe we are humble. Don't forget, just for the time being. You have to aim high, a hard not to forget. Believe in yourself no matter who you are.